Sybians & sex furniture

We looked at around 30 sites that all said they sold Sybians. Nearly all of them were trying to sell Sybian fakes or other sex toys. The Sybian isn’t made in Australia so you have to have it imported. Sex furniture falls into the same category with Australia’s leading company going broke last year. Here’s some questions to ask before buying anything:

  • Is the Sybian too noisy for your needs? The Sybian, or any Sybian copy will be a little noisy when turned up full. If there’s kids around and they’re light sleepers, the Sybian or any of the ‘machines’ may not be for you.
  • Will it run on 240 volts? A vitally important question.
  • Does it come with attachments? Some of the cheaper ‘copies’ need to have the attachments bought separately, while even the real Sybian has some extra optional attachments sold separately. The basic set is always sold with the Sybian. Always ask what attachments the machine comes with.
  • Can you lift it? Sybians are around the 13kg mark so aren’t light. Sex furniture can also be heavy so check the weight.
  • Will the sex furniture you’re thinking of buying attract a massive import tax from overseas. Allow a 10% tax bill if buying items worth over $1000.

As far as Sybians go, one of the sites we’ve found  sells them, hires them out and has private Sybian parties. They seem very legitimate and provide good information. BUT – you must state when ordering that you need the 240 volt version for Australian conditions. We’ve heard of people bringing them back from the USA only to find the power configuration is wrong

So – we’ve found one site in Australia who sells/hires Sybians and one USA based site that sells copies. We’ve also found a USA  based sex furniture store. We don’t get anything from any store.

1. Sweet Sybian Australia is NSW based but seem to sell and hire nationally.  Click the image below to go to their site.

2. The Lovers Touch. They have an interesting ‘fucking machine’ tab that sells Sybian copies and other very fascinating things. Not Australian yet has some good stuff. Remember to be careful of paying import tax on items over $1000. Click the image below to go to their site.


3. Lovebumper is a terrific USA based store for sex furniture who will ship at a low cost. They have great, creative stuff. Lovebumper also has a terrific name and an interesting variety of products. We don’t get anything if you buy from them. Click the image below.