Vibes under $100

Low-end vibrators can be a terrific toy yet increasingly they can be a pain. A vibrator costing $20 isn’t meant to last and the materials can occasionally wear or be impossible to wash.

Because of this, we’re not recommending any retail sites for vibes under $100. We are however, suggesting the Hitachi Wand as being the premier m6-7MPCanlOrkP6ECgJ76Cwvibe around and have found a seller who does them super cheap. The Hitachi is normally $180 + and only comes in 110 volts. The seller guarantees 240 volt and is from Australia. We actually bought one to try and it seems no different from the Medsil Wand (a Hitachi Copy) we have. The one small difference is that the gradient between the high and low setting isn’t as large.

The seller is from the Sweet Sybian Sydney site. The picture of the wand is at  the right hand side of their home page. Click  HERE

Regarding other cheap vibes, our advice is to shop around and take careful notice of the comments below before buying.

We urge you to  spend a little more to secure a quality item. We really urge you to stay away from hard plastic items. Here’s some questions to ask yourself before you buy. These questions have been created due to comments sent by readers (usually women):

  • Can the vibe be washed properly?  Sometimes water can leak into a mechanism and cause it to rust or die completely (see blue quote)?
  • Will the material cause a skin reaction or allergy? If you’re allergic to latex, there’s many vibrators to avoid.
  • Does the Vibe have a plastic/chemical type smell?  This is an immense concern and one women seldom think about when ordering online. We suggest you go to a sex shop first so you can see and smell the products first. A bad smell is an immense turn-off in sex play so check that your toy has at least a ‘neutral’ smell.
  • Will the cost of batteries outweigh the cost of the toy? Batteries also have a habit of running out at the worst possible times.
  • Are the batteries the small flat ‘hearing-aid’ type batteries that are expensive and difficult to find? If so, can you find them in your area?
  • Is it strong enough to deliver the pleasure you need? A toy may be cheap because the small motor simply doesn’t have the ‘buzz’ needed to get you over the edge. You know your body and know what’s needed, so again we suggest you visit your local sex shop to feel the ‘buzz’ before searching online


We do however, recommend the Hitachi or Medsil wand.