Vibes over $100

If you’re serious about buying a toy that will last, you should be buying within the $150 – $300 range. Usually the product can be easily washed, often uses mains (240 volt) power and has been researched with women’s pleasure in mind.

We-Vibe, Lelo, iVibe and Hitachi are all brands that put time and money into their research. If you’re after a Hitachi Wand, have a look at the supplier we found recently. The Hitachi is normally $180 + and only comes in 110 volts. The seller guarantees 240 volt. We actually bought one to try and it seems no different from the Medsil Wand (a Hitachi Copy) we have. The one small difference is that the gradient between the high and low setting isn’t as great.

The seller is from the Sweet Sybian Sydney site – it’s a picture of a wand on the right hand side. Click  HERE

Most expensive vibes are made of non-allergenic material and have a neutral smell. This is the advantage of paying a little more.

WARNING: You should not buy a mains powered pleasure toy from the USA unless you are sure it is reconfigured for 240 volt power. They may look cheaper than the Aus version, but are not built for Australian power conditions.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself. They have all been created after receiving comments from readers.

  • Is the Vibe 240 volt? Make sure it is.
  • Is it simple to use? Women have written to us saying there’s nothing worse than having to operate a toy that’s complicated when all you want to do is enjoy yourself. The quote above says it all.
  • Does it have an international warranty? A toy from the USA may have different warranty conditions if shipped to Australia.
  • Is it quiet? This is a big concern. Some of the vibes are just too noisy and are sure to wake the kids. Make sure the sound level is described in the sales blurb. If it’s not, it may be as loud as a jackhammer!
  • Does it smell good? Most expensive vibes have a neutral smell, but if you can check the physical item first, make sure it has a neutral or ‘nice’ smell.

So with this in mind, we think there’s several online stores that do a good job. We get a small commission if you buy from the first two yet get nothing if you buy from the third.

1. Mime De luxe. It targets women, is stylish and great value. There’s no hard sell and we have had great reports. The specials are also terrific and better than other stores (as at April 2012).  Here’s our price comparison check of the top 5 selling items:

  1. Medsil Magic Touch: $154.95
  2. Je Joue: $179.95Mimi De Luxe Designer Lingerie & Luxury Toys
  3. We Vibe 3: $139.95
  4. We Vibe 2: $99.95
  5. Lelo INA: $144.95

Click the MIME DE LUXE image at right.

2. This is Australias leading online sex products outlet. That doesn’t make it the cheapest, yet it does have a good range and a reputation to uphold. Click the image below to go to that store. Here’s our price comparison check:

  1. Medsil Magic Touch: Not available from Adultshop
  2. Je Joue ‘Fifi’: $189.95
  3. We Vibe 3: $179.95 - Australia & NZ's Largest Online Adultstore
  4. We Vibe 2: $99.95
  5. Lelo INA : $149.95

3. Wild Secrets.This is a fairly new store with a few different items. eg: The Dhiri Zinn Red Minx.  We don’t get any commission from them. Here’s our price comparison check:

  1. Medsil Magic Touch: Not available from Wild Secrets
  2. Je Joue’Fifi’ : $174.95
  3. We Vibe 3: $139.95
  4. We Vibe 2: $79.95
  5. Lelo INA: $189.95

Click the link at right.