Fetish products are a very specialist area. We list sites below that have quality items available locally. We get no commission from any of them. We just think they do a good job and have actually bought or seen some of their items.

You will find that quality fetish items are often very expensive. This is because fetish is a niche market and those in the scene are after something different. These are not items you throw away after one use or one wear. Be prepared to pay $400 for a quality corset or top. Many of them are hand made locally so the quality is good.

As with most fetish items, they are targetted at women. We have yet to find a store that has quality and different fetish wear for men. We actually think they don’t exist, and if anyone knows of one, email us on bestaustraliansextoys@gmail.com

Here’s our suggestions followed by comparison on three criteria: Range, Quality and Price.:

1. Gallery Serpentine: Fantastic fetish and alternative clothing.

  1. Range: limited to high-end fetish
  2. Quality: Extremely high
  3. Price: High.

Click HEREto go to their store.

2. Goth Clothes: Not just for Goths.

  1. Range: From Goth to leather and vinyl fetish
  2. Quality: Mid
  3. Price: Medium-high

Click HEREto go to their store.

3. DV8: An easy site to navigate with a great range.

  1. Range: Very good indeed. Low to high end. Fantastic corsets
  2. Quality: Mid to high
  3. Price: Mid to high (but you pay for quality)

Click HEREto go to their store.