Australian Sex Toys

Welcome to Australian Sex Toys where we give advice on the best sites for specialist pleasure items.

For some sites, we get a small commission should you buy a sex toy from them.  We will state the commission we get should you buy. For other sites, we have simply found them and think they do a good job. We get nothing at all. If you are after a specialist toy and can’t find it on one of the listed sites, please let us know.

We have found that there are many sites offering pleasure items. On going to these sites you are directed to porn sites or asked to sign up for videos. We will not list these sites and please let us know by email should a pop-up occur for you. Our email address is

We also understand that some items are not available locally. Specialist furniture, Sybians, ‘Monkey Rockers’ and quality fetish wear can sometimes only be purchased from overseas. Our research tells us that with the high Australian dollar, it’s sometimes better to buy from overseas and pay the small postage cost to guarantee a quality item. Please beware that if you do buy goods over the value of $100 from an overseas store, you WILL pay a tax on delivery – usually around 10%.


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